The launch of PUBG Mobile: Battlegrounds Mobile India has been teased, but these fans will have a big problem while they are in the game

The launch of PUBG Mobile: Battlegrounds Mobile India has been teased, but these fans will have a big problem while they are in the game

PUBG Mobile India is gone and in its place Krafton will market Battlegrounds Mobile India. Playerunknown Battlegrounds Mobile (or PUBG Mobile India), which was banned last year, is a long-awaited replacement for the popular multi-player shooter game. The company also opened pre-registrations for Battlegrounds Mobile India game which got a great response. Now the updates are going strong and a lot of things are revealed.

When will Battlegrounds Mobile India be launched?

However, one aspect of the game has remained a mystery – the actual launch of the game. Today, Krafton released another teaser asking users to “lose their chicken dinner,” in a well-known reference to the original PUBG Mobile game’s “Winner Winner chicken dinner” phrase. Once again, the company’s poster doesn’t mention when the game will be released in the country, but the message says “it’s almost time”.

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Meanwhile, the title of the post adds to the suspense by saying, “It’s almost time. It’s time to rebuild memories, play with your friends, and celebrate with a chicken dinner! Are you ready? This is the only thing you need to do today!” Readers will remember that pre-registrations for the Battlegrounds Mobile India game opened last month and the game garnered more than 20 million registrations in the Google Play Store, and there are currently no launches for iOS devices.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is set to open earlier this month, and some reports suggest that the game could launch in the third week of June. Meanwhile, we have announced that the game may launch on June 18, based on another source. The company has asked users to pre-register so that they can take advantage of special rewards for pre-registered users. These include special outfits like masks, suits and weapons.

Who will leave Battlegrounds Mobile India a little disappointed?

It is interesting to note that the company’s terms of service have important points related to minors. The terms of the game are “As a general rule, the Service is available 24 hours a day all year round,” but add “if you are under 18, you will be able to play for a maximum of 3 hours a day.” This means minors will be restricted from game to game.

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What are the required game permissions for Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Minors will also be required to provide their parents ’phone numbers and consent before being put into play. It is likely that there is too much addiction for minors to deal with criticism. In addition, the terms of the Battlegrounds Mobile India game also state: “If you are under the age of 18, the maximum daily amount of use of the paid service will be 7,000 “. This is also likely to put another protection on minors to avoid unexpected purchases while they are accumulating huge bills at stake.


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