The new Google Pixel feature will let you catch the movement of the sky!  Pixel Drop is coming soon

The new Google Pixel feature will let you catch the movement of the sky! Pixel Drop is coming soon

Google Pixel is one of the best phones available for capturing perfect images. Pixel cameras are not only great for taking pictures in low light, they also capture the night sky. Now, these new Google Pixel features, which will be available with the next Pixel Drop in the coming weeks, will be skilled at taking time-lapse images of our Milky Way Galaxy. You certainly can’t wait for the next Google Pixel update!

People At XDA Developers (through Android Police) has seen the code for this new Google Pixel feature in the latest version of the Pixel Tips app available for download in the Google Play Store. The app’s APK breakdown shows a new class called “CameraAstrotimelapseSettingController” that will work with the unpublished version of v8.2.3 of the Google Photos app. It will show the “CameraAstrotimelapse” tip.

As for the operation of this Google Pixel feature, the Google Camera app may take astrophotographic photos at regular intervals for a specific period of time, with the goal of capturing the motion of the sky. Once the app has finished capturing images, Google will use its advanced algorithms to create a time-lapse video of the sky to put these images together.

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That said, there is a big caveat. Google Camera supports Astrophoto mode in Pixel 3 and later. However, it does not support wide-angle lenses on the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 phones launched last year. On the other hand, the app’s time-lapse feature is available on all Pixel smartphones. So it remains to be seen how Google will make this feature available on all Pixel phones.

As for the usefulness of this feature, it can be said that it can reach Google Pixel smartphones in the next Pixel Drop, as it is expected to open anytime next week. The latest Pixel Drop, which took place in March this year, included features such as smart compositing, a new Recorder web function, and underwater wallets for photography support.


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