The newly shown Flying Taxi can reach a speed of 240 km / h in 100 km.  See details here

The newly shown Flying Taxi can reach a speed of 240 km / h in 100 km. See details here

If you think that flying taxis are missing a few years in the future, you have thought wrongly. While several companies have been developing versions that could be commercially viable, U.S. Archer Aviation has recently unveiled its ‘Maker’ – a flying taxi, which can put you ahead of what you might have thought at first.

Maker had a pretty brilliant debut recently when Archer Aviation showed what Flying Taxi is capable of. At 240 kmph, it surely has the speed to become a viable transportation option. And another crucial advantage is that it can be in the air for about 100 miles. Including the pilot, air taxis can seat four people at a time.

The author does not work in the commercial space, but is confident that he can lay the groundwork for Flying Transport. “Our real goal is to make a mass market transportation solution in and around cities,” Brett Adcock, founder and CEO of Archer Aviation, told Reuters.

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Flying taxis have the potential to become an intercity transportation option, but the key would also be to make it affordable. In the US, it can say about $ 4 per passenger mile. But the biggest advantage would be the time saved, as most global cities face problems with road congestion.

That’s why Archer Aviation expects Maker to launch in 2024 in Los Angeles and Miami. And the reason for this is that spill-free transportation options are affordable but fast. But getting approvals and complying with safety regulations can take some time because U.S. and global regulators are careful when taxis like Choppers can take off and land on the ground but fly like planes.


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