The Parivahan website gets a vehicle recall portal.  And it helps you this way

The Parivahan website gets a vehicle recall portal. And it helps you this way

The Ministry of Road Transport and Roads (MoRTH) has added a vehicle recall portal on the Parivahan website. The step comes as an effort to help vehicle owners file complaints about vehicle defects.

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The country has been working on its position and policies to ensure that the vehicle recovery process is transparent to stakeholders. Also, such a move is expected to make roads safer. This movement came into force on April 1, 2021.

By using this vehicle recovery portal, users can file a complaint for manufacturing defects in their respective vehicles. These can also be part of the bugs or a software problem. However, the user can file a complaint if their vehicle is less than seven years old.

Once the complaint has been registered on the Portal, MoRTH will investigate the matter and may issue a warning to the interested motorist depending on the nature of the error.

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This move is similar to the one in the US. In the US, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a similar system. Users can register complaints about any vehicle issues. As a result, the agency inspects and at times, NHTSA has ordered concerned motorists to issue a warning to some vehicles due to the problem.

India now has a policy of voluntary recovery for motorists. This allows manufacturers to issue alerts on their own whenever a fault is detected in their vehicles. The government has long advocated for the vehicle recovery process to be mandatory. The latest move could speed up the process of vehicle recovery in the country to make it mandatory in the near future.


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