The rumored Porsche hypercar can change the rules of four-wheel drive

The rumored Porsche hypercar can change the rules of four-wheel drive

At a time when high-performance carmakers are focusing on electric mobility, Porsche has tried to stay ahead of the battery-powered curve with its options. But while the world’s attention has been on the Porsche Taycan EV, a report suggests that the Stuttgart-based car company is also preparing a new hypercar that could place it on top of its product pyramid.

According to a report from Drive, maybe Porsche has already started working on this hypercar and might put all of its experience into it. Citing information received by a Porsche employee in the US, the report suggests that Porsche may already have access to a select group of exclusive VIP buyers that could be a legal high-performance machine on the road.


1984 cc | Gasolina | Automatic (Double Clutch)

Ex-showroom price

83.95.000 ₹*From now on

Porsche 718 (HT Auto Photo)


1988 cc | Gasolina | Automatic (Double Clutch)

Ex-showroom price ₹*From now on

Porsche Cayenne (HT Auto Photo)


2995 cc | Gasolina | Automatic (double clutch)

Ex-showroom price

1,92.83,000 ₹*From now on

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While there is no official confirmation – or even a response – about Porsche, it may be interesting to see if the proposed and planned hypermarket is based on a state-of-the-art 911 or Motorsport wing Porsche race car.

It is speculated that Porsche may make all of this official sometime in August.

It is important to note here that Porsche has not had a hypermarket in its programming since the 918 Spyder ended its production run.


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