The service cost of Paris Hilton’s former McLaren SLR could buy the Mercedes A-Class base

The service cost of Paris Hilton’s former McLaren SLR could buy the Mercedes A-Class base

It would cost him a fortune to own a supercar and the American media personality Personality Paris Hilton paid an extra $ 463,000 ( About 3.3 million) for a shiny new 2006 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 2006 that is no longer owned. Now, buying a super amortized car once owned by a celebrity may seem appealing, but the massive maintenance costs are senseless. So much so that he could buy a basic Mercedes A-Class.

Like most super cars of the 2000s, the McLaren SLR was also heavily depreciated and Hilton’s super car sold for only $ 180,000 (approximately 1.3 million) at an online auction recently, Motor 1 reported. But keeping this car in shape is proving to be an economic disaster for the new owner of this strange supercar. The company assembled more than 2,100 McLaren SLRs at home facilities.

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When the new owner sent the super-car to a certified repair shop for a simple oil change process, they did not expect the vehicle to undergo serious maintenance. The mechanic gave him a long list of repairs for a $ 2,105 “Service A,” a $ 6,270 steering rack, a used Mercedes turbine-style wheel replaced with a $ 1,899 tilt, and a new power steering pump. For $ 2,220.

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That’s not all. The list included Aftermarket batteries replaced with fresh OEMs for $ 1,350, replacement of the brake line mounts for $ 1,350, new tire pressure monitoring sensors for $ 1,700, and brake caliper cooling pipes for $ 1,250.

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A variety of items requested to be replaced included a new washer for $ 105, a washer nozzle for $ 500, a tire fitting container for $ 215, a gas cap connection for $ 100, and a drain plug replacement for $ 850. Then there are some components that wear out over time, such as wheel screws, adding extra costs. In fact, the brake rotors will also have to be changed over time to get a whopping $ 20,000.

The V8 engine supercharged for nearly 33,800 miles requires almost $ 34,565 in maintenance ( Approximately 25 lakh). If you spend less than $ 1,000, you can also buy a basic version of the US Mercedes A-Class. But again, an A-Class isn’t an SLR, right?


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