The Songs Of Serenity, Redemption & Change

The Songs Of Serenity, Redemption & Change

Understanding the Power of Independent Indian Songs in the Indian Ocean (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Until the early 2000s the Indian music scene flourished independently. Where the Boys Of Band became the voice of young people, Euphoria gave them a reason to fall in love poetically. Lucky Ali, in all his Glory, was successfully juggling his indie songs and Bollywood music. Among all this, Tranquility, Redemption and the music of truth entered the Indian Ocean.

I have to say that in the 90’s, they weren’t someone you loved at first sight or at first. They were deep, they had something to say. They chose to question the environment with music and not let that line die. The group led by Rahul Ram was the voice for change. In a short time, many had a great echo with their music, and the Clan expanded.

So today, as we enter another week and go as a guardian on Monday, let’s get a little less angry by creating music for the Indian Ocean. Below are some of our options. Let me know which one you like now and also if you have other favorites.

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