The study says that battery-powered electric vehicles are 69% cleaner than petrol cars

The study says that battery-powered electric vehicles are 69% cleaner than petrol cars

Certainly, electric vehicles are cleaner than fossil fuel vehicles. But it has been debated how clean green vehicles are. Although many say that the source of electricity production is a huge amount of carbon emissions, many others point to the burning of coal in the metal molding process. Recent research by the International Council on Clean Transport (ICCT) shows that EVs are up to 69% cleaner than petrol.

The study found that the average lifespan of medium-sized battery-powered electric vehicles is lower than that of gasoline in Europe up to 69% in Europe, 68% in the US and 45% in China and 34% in India.

According to the study, even in India and China, which are highly reliable in coal-based energy, BEVs have life-cycle benefits. It also reveals that as the process of producing electricity continues to carbonize, the difference in life cycle emissions between BEVs and gasoline vehicles will increase significantly.

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According to the study, only battery-powered electric vehicles and battery-powered electric vehicles can achieve a degree of reduction in greenhouse gases. The Paris Agreement could significantly reduce the level of GHG emissions in the transport sector. The Paris Agreement aimed to reduce global warming levels below two degrees Celsius.

The study compared the GHG emissions of the Life Cycle of cars registered in 2021 with those expected to be registered in 2030. The analysis was conducted separately for the European Union, the US, India and China. It captured the differences between the markets, which account for almost 70% of new car sales worldwide.


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