The Tesla 2021 model used by Prince Charles Prince of the United Kingdom went on sale

The Tesla 2021 model used by Prince Charles Prince of the United Kingdom went on sale

Prince Charles of the UK has once put up for sale the top-of-the-range electric vehicle for the Tesla model. The Tesla EV is only six months old and has only covered 7,000 miles, which is about 11,265 km. It will be available on the market for approximately 82,500 euros 85 lakh). No special premium has been added for use by the Royals.

It is suggested that Tesla lent the electric vehicle to the Prince’s house for testing in addition to the Jaguar I-Pace electric, the DailyMail reported. The Prince, known for his environmentally friendly approach, has been driven in a silver-colored Tesla S model with a top speed of 249 km / h. The electric car has a range of 651 km and reaches a speed of 96 kmph at sea in 3.1 seconds.

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Prince Charles loved the electric vehicle so much that the loan period was extended before Tesla returned it, the report said. In fact, as soon as the electric car can be owned today, anyone who requests a new Tesla Model S in the UK will not be able to receive delivery until the end of next year. The Model S was recently purchased by and is now sold by luxury car dealers at Castle Motors.

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Tesla also recently released the Tesla Model S Plaid. EV Maker says it is the fastest car in the world. Elon Musk said the EV is faster than a Porsche and safer than a Volvo. The S Model Plaid, with a power output of 1,020 horsepower, can reach a speed of 96 kmph in less than two seconds. Tesla is also proud that the new electric car has a speed of 321 kmph. The new S model has been launched for $ 129,990 (approx 95 lakh).


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