The Tesla Dashcam helps arrest a person suspected of shooting at U.S. highways

The Tesla Dashcam helps arrest a person suspected of shooting at U.S. highways

Tesla’s integrated camera system – a dashcam – helped police arrest the suspect who allegedly terrorized vehicles on U.S. highways and freeways. In recent weeks, many vehicles in Southern California’s Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange were accidentally shot by a moving vehicle, ABC7 reported.

The assailant fired mostly at the windows of the moving vehicle and was looked after by police after receiving more than 100 complaints. The accused was able to navigate successfully for a short time until he chased a Tesla vehicle. Dashcam used autopilot cameras at the scene to shoot the attacker and helped police get to know him and his vehicle with the help of footage. Shortly afterwards, 34-year-old Jesse Leal Rodriguez was arrested.

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Rodriguez was charged with three counts of attempted murder and three counts of felony assault with a felony count, the report quoted the Riverside County District Attorney. There has been no such incident since Rodriguez was arrested. They will be tried on June 1 and if convicted in the current case, they could face up to 57 years in prison.

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All of Tesla’s vehicles have eight standard cameras around the cars as a suite of feature packs to help you drive Autopilot and Full Auto Driving. The cameras were used to integrate a dashcam or TeslaCam vehicle dashboard as well as a surveillance app – Sentry Mode.

It’s not new that a Tesla has helped police with images from his camera. In the past, Tesla’s Sentry Mode and TeslaCam have witnessed numerous incidents that have helped police make several arrests, most notably in cases of theft and vandalism.


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