This 4,000 hp Lamborghini runs on water, throwing in an inch of opulence

This 4,000 hp Lamborghini runs on water, throwing in an inch of opulence

Lamborghini’s Raging bull logo is synonymous with speed, a performance mixed with Sheer Opulence. The reflections of any Lamborghini car are something to be proud of exclusively for any super rich person. Lamborghini seems to be ready to amaze not only landowners but also marine enthusiasts.

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Trying Lamborghini with marine engines is nothing new. The Italian company has been producing large marine engines for long-time motorboat races. The company joined the Italian Maritime Group last year to create a luxury sailboat with high loyalty and high speed to the characteristics of the Raging bull.

We are talking about the Lamborghini 63. The numerical value also refers to the length of the sailboat at the foot and the 1963 foundation year of the Italian supercar car. The yacht comes with all the features available in Lamborghini cars. The yacht costs about $ 3.5 million.

At first glance it gets a slim profile that gets attention. The yacht wears Verde gea paint. The limited series is like the new Siàn FKP 37. In terms of design, the Lamborghini 63 looks more like a small boat than a Yacht.

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The hexagonal shape is a mark of the Lamborghini motif that can be seen on the Italian brand’s super cars. The Lamborghini 63 also carries the same styling element throughout the body. It has rectangular hull windows and an open stern of a sailboat. It uses carbon fiber to make the Yatea hard and light for the superstructure.

The Lamborghini 63 achieves a wide interior that ensures natural light enters the cabin. (Image: Italian Sea Group)

While the exterior takes a minimalist and low-key approach, the interior of this yacht is very spacious and designed to be filled with natural light. Lamborghini gets a lot of style elements inspired by the famous super cars. The plush leather ball seats are inspired by the Huracan Evo and feature Sparco racing straps. The motto is based on the steering wheel of the Aventador.

The fiberglass helmet along with the carbon fiber superstructure helps keep the center of gravity and gravity low. The Lamborghini 63 engine takes on a pair of MAN V12 diesel engines, each capable of delivering 2,000 hp. The yacht is capable of riding at high speeds of over 60 knots.


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