This Dodge Ram plays the Hulk, pulling out a massively loaded half-truck: the video

This Dodge Ram plays the Hulk, pulling out a massively loaded half-truck: the video

Pickup trucks prove their willingness in many tough situations. These muscular 4×4 pickups can also function as a vehicle capable of towing. A 30-second video clip has been created on the Internet showing a Dodge Ram Towing showing a semi-truck with a high-load record. That was enough to cheer up Dodge Ram and pickup truck lovers.

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The video is from Williams Lake, British Columbia, in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. The video shows that the oldest pickup Dodge is being cut and the logging platform is being wrecked, and it has been reported to have been damaged. Not only was the wooden truck fully loaded, but the tandem trailers were also loaded.

According to the regulations of tractor trailers in British Columbia, the maximum weight for this device is 63,500 kilograms. Although details of the pickup truck are not available, it looks like a third-generation Dodge Ram. It was probably built between 2002-2008. The pickup will probably be a 2500 model, if not a 3500 ton model.

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The aftermarket lace can be seen in the footage, the elevated suspension setup and the chunky tires are also there. However, these changes are absolutely nothing when weighing 63,500 kg of logs and a semi-truck.

In the video, white smoke comes out from under the vehicle. It can come from the rear wheel of the pickup truck. However, the angle of the video makes it difficult to tell the exact source of the smoke. It could also come from the gearbox if this specific Dodge pickup were a manual variant. From there, you can imagine what pressure the gearbox had while the semi-truck was pulling with its large loads.

The Dodge Ram would probably be powered by a 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine. This engine is capable of 345 hp and 508 Nm of Massive Peak torque.


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