This game allows you to kill and cover your husband

This game allows you to kill and cover your husband

In video games, you can do many things on your console or handheld (such as a Smartphone or Nintendo Switch). Ride Dragons, shoot Zombies, build towns, battle giants. And all of that is Fantastic. But to turn one of our deepest desires into a game and let it act the way we don’t in real life, maybe you have our vote. And our money.

Overboard !, a repeated detective game, allows you to act like a woman who was on a ship trying to solve the murder of your husband in the 1930s. It’s a Fantastic Twist – you killed yourself! So basically, the game is to blame someone else for getting on the boat and Escape to America and walk around without a neckline. So this game allows you to “girls, doors and gaslight” as the Polygon briefly says, all together. Win, win, WIN.

Created by Inkle Studios, 80 Days and known for its high-quality narrative games like Heaven’s Vault, Overboard. It is a visual novel. As a player you will navigate the ship and select your conversations from the menus. The other characters on the ship with you are properly fleshed out and remember everything they hear and say, so you have to remember. You can also buy, convince or kill other travelers to escape your first murder. Now, if you get caught doing a second murder, you’re done.

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Although it may seem like fun, the game is not free. Available on iOS, macOS, Windows and Nintendo Switch. You can buy it 459 from the App Store and 390 on Steam (15% off) for Windows and macOS. The Steam discount ends June 9, so if you’re interested, you’ll need to hurry. To play bordara! You need at least a 64-bit processor on Windows and a machine running Windows XP +, 2 GB of RAM, and 200 MB of space. Minimum requirements for the Mac include a 64-bit processor, a machine with OS X 10.14 and later, 2 GB of RAM, and 200 MB of storage. Having a sound card enhances the experience.

We are very tempted to try this, let us know if you do!


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