To make a Tesla jab?  Hong Kong companies offer gifts to promote the vaccine

To make a Tesla jab? Hong Kong companies offer gifts to promote the vaccine

In response to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic that countries around the world are focusing on vaccine actions, Hong Kong has found innovative ways and benefits for more people to take doses. One has the chance to win a Tesla electric vehicle, among other things, if it manages to hit, Bloomberg reported.

Authorities in China’s special administrative region have partnered with local businesses to provide vouchers, lotteries and other attractive offers to encourage people to get vaccinated. Those fully vaccinated by August 31, 2021 are eligible to win a Tesla Model 3 Long Range worth more than HK $ 500,000. This prize will be offered through the Lottery draw to be held in September, offered by the local office of the Australian industrial property Goodman.

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Tesla vehicles are quite popular in China and its administrative regions and can make a great offer of care for people to get vaccinated. Model E 3 Long Range versions The EPA can be around 563 km (568 km) and can wake up from 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds. Model 3 is Tesla’s most popular and best-selling electric vehicle.

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Other items included in the Lotteries offered by local businesses in Hong Kong are gold bars and iPhones. Several other companies, restaurants and even some schools have begun offering bonuses, cash payments and extra time to employees who take the report, the report says. The government announced measures such as paid leave for inoculated officials and additional restrictions on unintegrated residents.

It took a million-dollar push to get the vaccine in Hong Kong to overcome the slow rate of inoculation. Only about 15.1% of the region’s 7.5 million inhabitants have been completely inoculated. The lower the number of people vaccinated, the slower the rate of herd Immunity.


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