Tokyo Olympics Bounded Wrestler Vinesh Phogat Bags Gold Polish Open |  Fight News

Tokyo Olympics Bounded Wrestler Vinesh Phogat Bags Gold Polish Open | Fight News

Vinesh Phogat defeated Khrystyna Bereza in the final of the Polish Open tournament.© Twitter

Indian star fighter Vinesh Phogat proved that preparations for the Tokyo Games were on track to win 53 kilos of gold at the Polish Open on Friday, giving himself a decisive ‘mat-time’ ahead of the Olympics. This is the third title of the season for the 26-year-old Vinesh, who previously won gold medals in the Matteo Pellicone test (March) and the Asian Championships (April). Victory would potentially turn Vinesh into the Tokyo Olympics. Except for Ekaterina Poleshchuk’s debut match against the 2019 World Bronze (50 kg) winner, Vinesh had no problems with her other rivals as she was only two points clear of first place on the podium.

In the final he was not given a single point by Ukrainian Khrystyna Bereza, who won 8-0.

Vinesh took most of the points through two-legged attacks while the Special 2019 European silver medal was in his defense.

The World Bronze Winner and Asian Games champion had to fight hard before beating Poleshchuk 6-2, but it only took him 75 seconds to settle American rivals Amy Ann Fearnside in the semi-finals.

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It was a tough start for Vinesh as he made it against Ekaterina as his defense was pretty strong.

Vinesh went on to attack on his left leg, but the Russian kept the Indian on the counterattack for the first time in a 2-0 lead.

Moments before the break, Vinesh started another move but was unable to complete.

At the start of the second half, Vinesh had problems with the Russian with a two-legged attack, equalizing the score and then scoring another two points when Ekaterina committed a technical offense and was warned.


Vinesh won with another play. It was a comfortable victory in the next round, however, when Vinesh entered the American Rival opponent in just 75 seconds.

He led 6-0 at the time. On the same day, Anshu Malik was out of the 57-pound competition due to Fever.

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