Tokyo Olympics: Composer Keigo Oyamada leaves after harassment classmates interview, says again, says report

Tokyo Olympics: Japanese musician Keigo Oyamada has resigned from the creative team.© AFP

Japanese musician Keigo Oyamada has submitted the resignation of his creative team at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, after admitting many years ago that he persecuted children with disabilities. Following the debate in the Confessions magazine published in the 1990s, Oyamada reportedly boasted of harassment to people as a child, Kyodo News reported. Oyamada was in charge of composing some music for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Better known by his stage name Cornelius, Oyamada conducted two interviews with Japanese music magazines in 1994 and 1995.

Oyamada had earlier visited his website to apologize.

He wrote: “I am very sorry that the participation in music production at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics has made many people feel very uncomfortable. I sincerely apologize.”

“I sincerely apologize to my classmates and their parents who have been hurt by my words and actions, and I feel a sense of responsibility and responsibility for not being a good friend in school life, which means having good memories, but hurting for being in a situation.” added the 52-year-old music composer.


The Tokyo 2020 controversy has been filled with long lines between the COVID-19 Pandemic scare.

On Monday, Toyota Motor Corp. discussed the Olympics with Major Blow, as the company announced it would not air TV commercials related to the Tokyo Olympics in Japan and its president will not attend the opening ceremony later this week.

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