Tokyo Olympics: Czech Republic Coaches Test Positive for COVID-19 in Olympic Village

Tokyo Olympics: Czech Republic Coaches Test Positive for COVID-19 in Olympic Village

The Tokyo Olympics will begin on July 23.© AFP

Czech beach volleyball coach Simon Nausch has tested positive for Covid-19 in the Tokyo Olympics, officials said on Tuesday that one of the players also tested positive for the day. “At least we know that regular tests work from the start and capture positive cases. It’s unpleasant for us but we’ll deal with it,” Czech Olympic team leader Martin Dr. Martin said in a statement. The group said Nausch left the Olympic village for isolation and that close relationships would be self-isolated. This is the case of the Fifth Covid in the village. Two South African footballers and an Analyst video gave a positive precedent.

“Because of the previous cases in our team, we tried to be careful. Unfortunately it didn’t work out, but I’m happy because I’m isolated before I risked someone else’s games,” Nausch said in the statement.

The announcement was made by Czech beach volleyball player Ondrej Perusic who tested positive in the Olympic Village and arrived on the day.

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The Czech Olympic Committee had previously said that an employee had also tested positive when he landed in Tokyo last week.

In the Olympic Village, a set of Tokyo apartment and dining areas will host 6,700 athletes and officials at its summit at the Games.

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