Tokyo Olympics: Deepak Kabra Becomes First Judge of Indian Gymnastics at Olympics |  Olympic News

Tokyo Olympics: Deepak Kabra Becomes First Judge of Indian Gymnastics at Olympics | Olympic News

Deepak has become the first Indian selected to judge the Kabra Olympics gymnastics competition. Because his bases weren’t very strong, he’s the goal of a lifetime where he got to know that he wouldn’t be there as an active gymnast. . Kabra will be seen leading the men’s artistic gymnasts at the Tokyo Games, which kick off on July 23rd. “I received the invitation in March last year but then the Olympics were postponed and then there was a nervous wait of a year,” Kabra told PTI.

“I received confirmation again in April, but with the COVID-19 Pandemic still piling up, there was uncertainty as to whether the Olympics would actually happen. But I am happy that I will finally be able to live out my Olympic dream.”

The 33-year-old from Maharashtra took up the sport quite late and soon realized that his foundations were not as great as those of an athlete.

“I started very late in the year 2000. I lived in Surat in 2000 and the facilities were not big at the time. I competed in national tests, and I also took part in the 2007 Guwahatin National Games,” says Kabra. , Was the state champion of Gujarat from 2005 to 2009.

“I knew I didn’t have a future as an athlete. My foundations weren’t strong but I started judging because I had a passion. My coach Kaushik Bediwala was also a judge, so I took inspiration from him and soon took a course and he excelled in 2009.”

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The 2010 Commonwealth Games in India were the first international event and Kabra became India’s first judge at the 2014 Asian Games and Youth Olympics.

In 2018 he competed as a judge in the Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games, Argentina’s Youth Olympics, in addition to other international events such as the World Cup.

“I was the youngest judge in the CWG in 2010. So far I have been involved in 20 important events. He is the only one missing from the Olympics, now he makes up my portfolio,” said Kabra, a 2nd category judge.

“It takes at least 12 years to get to the Olympics and I was lucky after 12 years,” said Kabra, who was appointed a member of the technical committee of the 2018 Asian Gymnastics Union.


Pranati Nayak will replace Indian gymnastics in Tokyo as she won a bronze medal in 2019 in Asian Artistic Gymnastics.

Deepa Karmakar remains the most important name in Indian gymnastics in her fourth place finish in the Women’s Vault Finals at the Rio Games.

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