Tokyo Olympics: He was in training at the Lisbon event, says Neeraj Chopra  Other Sports News

Tokyo Olympics: He was in training at the Lisbon event, says Neeraj Chopra Other Sports News

Indian Olympic star javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra said on Friday that he had won 83.18 meters of gold in the Lisbon test as a training ground, and added that his performance would rise in the upcoming international encounters. The 23-year-old started hopefully in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics, scoring a decent 83.18 meters in his sixth and final shot on June 10 in the Lisbon test. It was the first competition in more than a year.

“We knew beforehand who they were competing in Lisbon and my coach told me to compete in training mode and not go 100 percent,” Chopra said.

“I had very less time for the competition (in Lisbon) and it was taken as a training case. The competition will be tougher in the coming events and I will put more effort into it,” Chopra added.

Interestingly, Chopra’s scoring tally initially showed 78.15m in the final effort, which would have meant winning the event with his first shot of 80.71m.

But his team management asked the organizers to measure the final shot by hand and it was 83.18 meters.

“There the Neeraj team did a review of the final shot and a manual measurement was made,” said Manisha Malhotra, head of Sports Excellence at JSW Sports.

Chopra is accompanied by coach and biomechanics expert Klaus Bartonietz and a friend of Physio Issan Marwaha. He will compete in the Karlstad Meet in Sweden on June 22nd and in the Kuortane Games in Finland on June 26th.

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He will be in Lisbon until June 19. He will then train at Uppsala in Sweden. German world champion Johannes Vetter in 2017 and Polish Marcin Krukowski are among the top two this season with shots from 96.29 and 89.55 meters recently and Chopra said he controls what he is doing.

“I’m keeping a watch and how the competition can be (at the Olympics). So I’m doing my workouts in the best way possible. I feel like I’m going to do well at the Olympics,” Chopra said third today. this season the world list with a national record of 88.07 meters was thrown in Patial in March.

“I hope to compete with some of those who will be competing in the Olympics. I hope to get to the slots and that feeling of competing against the best translators will be tremendous,” Chopra added.


Seeing his interest in the preparations to be made before the Olympics, he said: “I hope they play well so that the profile and level of athletics can rise and the younger generation can start following athletics in a big way.”

The Lisbon event was Chopra’s first competition since qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics in January last year.

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