Tokyo Olympics: Indian 10m Air Rifle Teams Work Only 20 Minutes After Tokyo Time Slot Issue |  Olympic News

Tokyo Olympics: Indian 10m Air Rifle Teams Work Only 20 Minutes After Tokyo Time Slot Issue | Olympic News

Just two days before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, Indian 10m rifle shooters had to settle for 20 minutes of training at the Asaka Shooting Range due to a problem caused by the distribution of time intervals. While other Indian shooters trained for more than two hours, rifle teams, including Apurvi Chandela and Elavenil Valarivan, had events scheduled for July 24 on the day of the first competition and reduced training sessions to less than half an hour.

“This has happened over time with loopholes as athletes from all competing nations train in the same place,” the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) said on Wednesday.

“Training lasted about 2-2.5 hours in the morning session. The 10-meter rifle team got it in 20-30 minutes.”

While the women’s 10-meter rifle will begin shooting at the Games on Saturday, the men’s 10-meter rifle competition is scheduled for the next day.

In India, Deepak Kumar and Divyansh Singh Panwar will be in the men’s 10-meter rifle test. It was also announced that the eight Indian shooters who will be seen in action for the first two days will skip the opening ceremony of the Games on Friday.

Saurabh Chaudhary, Abhish Verma, Apurvi and Elavenil have events like the 10-meter air pistol launchers on the first day of the competition. On the second day, Manu Bhaker, Yashaswini Singh Deswal, Deepak and Divyansh, among others, will be filmed.

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“Although it was reported that the shares would jump on Saturday, the other four are conducting pre-event tests on Saturday, so it was deemed advisable to miss the opening ceremony as regards them,” he said.

There are 22 members on the Indian shooting continent, including 15 athletes.

The Olympic Games are scheduled to run from July 23 to August 8, with shooting events spread over the first 10 days of the rarity, which will be held without an audience due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Indian shooters held their first training session in Tokyo on Monday.

The Asaka shooting range also hosted a shooting competition for the 1964 Olympics.

The Indian shooting team arrived in the Japanese capital on Saturday after a long training and competition tour of Croatia.

While in Croatia, Indian shooters took part in the European Championships in Osijek from 29 May to 6 June.


The Indian team has eight rifles, five pistols and two shotguns, in addition to six coaches and physiotherapists.

Before the pandemic coronavirus broke out, Indian shooters consistently dominated the sport, finishing in the top four of the 2019 ISSF World Cups.

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