Tokyo Olympics: My whole view is Tokyo, looking forward to Paris 2024, Sharath Kamal says Olympic News

India’s top table tennis player Achanta Sharath Kamal is not “looking” at the Paris Olympics as she believes the upcoming Tokyo Games will be the last and wants to give her best shot at the four-year-old event. The Tokyo Olympics will begin on July 23 and run until August 8 this year. The event was scheduled to take place last year, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. “I don’t really know how to keep fit and how to train. It’s the motivation to go to the next Olympics, but I’m not looking at it at the moment. Not looking at 2024. says Sharath to ANI.

The upcoming Tokyo Olympics will be held without spectators, Olympic Minister Tamayo Marukawa confirmed last week. Sharath has been training for the Olympics, but it was something they didn’t think of playing without fans at the Tokyo Games.

“I think the training area was very necessary at the time Locklock was an issue and we had a lot of restrictions when it came to training, so after we got into the training area, Bio Bubble was created and it was good,” Sharath said.

“We did a lot of simulations at the camp, finals like playing a game or quarterfinals and then there was only one table at the last game so people were trying to cheer us on.

“But since then the decision has changed and once again we had to work without fans in a quiet hall. I think the camp was very good and I am very happy with the way the camp went,” he added.

Sharath said he was not sure about the new COVID-19 restrictions imposed by Japan, but is pretty sure he will be able to handle the situation as soon as he arrives in Tokyo.

“A lot of things have already happened and I’ve experienced a lot of anxiety and stress but at the moment I’m only fully focused on the Olympics,” Sharath said.

“I still don’t know about many other things, there are a lot of things we’re not sure about because of the new COVID restrictions.

“But I’m pretty used to all of these things and I know how to manage them over the years, hopefully everything will improve,” he added.


Speaking about the chance to win a medal in the mixed doubles, Sharath said: “It’s a mixed doubles that we have a good chance of getting the medal because you start with the quarter-finals and are three laps short of the medal.

“Individually, we’re almost six or seven points away from the medal, so it’s harder. So the mixed doubles is the focus, but at the same time I’m also watching the individual in person,” he signed.

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