Tokyo Olympics: Six officials will attend “minimum empty” athletes at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games | Olympic News

According to the COVID-19 Threat, the participation of Indian Athletes in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games will be kept to a “minimum” and only six contingent officials will attend the event on Friday. Athletes who have organized competitions the next day will not be eager to attend the event, the country’s deputy chef Prem Kumar Verma told PTI on Tuesday. Rajeev Mehta, general secretary of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA), who is in the city, said there will not be many considering the risk of infection.

“We’re going to try to be a minimal team. Kam se kam Athletes ko Utara jaega. The chefs ’mission and deputy chiefs will decide the numbers tomorrow, but our opinion is that the minimum requirements should be involved in this crucial period of ensuring their safety,” Mehta told PTI.

More than 120 athletes from India take part in the Games, with an overall size of 228, from the point of view of COVID-19 officials, coaches, other assistants and substitutes.

“Six officials (from all countries) are admitted to the event but there is no athlete’s cap. However, we have recommended athletes with events the next day to skip the event and put them in the game,” Verma said. The mission cook’s meeting however did not specify which officials from India will be present at the ceremony.

“It’s likely to extend the event until midnight, so it’s best to rest for the next few days the next day,” he added.

Competitors with events like Saurabh Chaudhary, Abhish Verma, Apurvi Chandela and Elavenil Valarivan will shoot 10-meter pistol launchers along with Manu Bhaker, Yashaswini Singh Deswal, Deepak Kumar and Divyansh Singh Panwar. on the second day.

The Indian team has eight rifles, five pistols and two shotguns, six coaches and a physiotherapist in Tokyo.

Before the pandemic coronavirus broke out, Indian shooters steadily dominated the sport, finishing in the top four of the 2019 ISSF World Cups. Mission chef BP Baishya said there is a call about the number of Indian athletes who will take part. will be taken on Thursday.

Boxers, archers and men’s and women’s hockey teams will also compete the day after the opening ceremony. “Those who don’t fight on Saturday will attend the event,” a boxing source told PTI.

Indian hockey captain Manpreet Singh and six-time world champion MC Mary Kom have been named boxing champions at the opening ceremony.

Although Mary Kom is not scheduled to compete the next day, Manpreet will be the leader on Saturday in the first match of Pool A against New Zealand.


“Even those in their forties are not allowed,” Verma said of the athletes and officials who recently landed in the Japanese city.

It was reported in the media on Wednesday that Britain will have more than 30 athletes taking part in the event due to fears of COVID-19. Great Britain has 376 athletes in the Fray Games.

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