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Deepika Kumari, the world’s first archer, has always been stressed at the Olympics. But, thanks to an innovation by World Archery, his stress level, his heartbeat could be seen live on TV in the playoffs for the Tokyo Games in Yumenoshima Park. The sport is among the first and many he would see in the Games starting on Friday. According to Panasonic’s innovation in pacing control, the archers ’heart rate would be measured by the cameras for the first time and would be broadcast directly to the audience, a World Archery official said.

Say it’s good or bad, but archers wouldn’t see the data as it would only be for consumption by TV viewers.

“The camera will check for changes in the color and shape of the facial skin by pumping blood. From there, we can determine the heart rate and the level of stress from that level,” the official told PTI.

“It would show the audience the level of stress whether the archers’ stress level is high before the shot is decided by the heartbeat. It would only be for individual matches.”

The tests were conducted by World Archery privately but never on screen.

Indiana’s best medalist, Deepika, who is in his third Olympics, suffered his first-round knockout at the London Olympics, and five years ago in Rio, he succumbed to pressure when he lost again in the live set. third round.

Among the first ones, the 64 archers in the Qualifications would have their goals to maintain physical distance during the Pandemic.


“Normally, in the Qualifiers, archers share a single goal, but for the first time there would be 64 different goals – each archer in a session to a certain extent for COVID-19. Also, it’s easy to see their results,” he said.

Archery will be the first sport to use live biometric data at the Olympics this time, the official added.

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