Tom Hanks ’1992 Airstream trailer could have yours for $ 250,000

Caravans have their own charm and heritage. Airstream caravans are certainly unique in that they offer timeless design, practicality and comfort. Hollywood star Tom Hanks is one of the owners of the Airstream caravans and is now ready to sell his trailer.

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Hanks will be selling a 34 Model Limited Excella trailer in 1992 with the star across the US. The actor used this Airstream trailer to shoot at least 18 famous films, including Sleepless Seattle, Apollo 13, Forrest Gump, Philadelphia, Catch Me If You Can, Castaway, The Polar Express, Sully, and more. Hanks last used this trailer in 2017 while filming The Circle.

This trailer was actually home to the Academy Award-winning actor. The trailer will go to the Bonhams auction table on Aug. 13 in Carmel, California, at the Quail Lodge Auction.

The trailer comes with an Airstream signature design. He gets a lot of stickers on the windows, marking several locations in the two and a half decades of Hanks.

Bonhams estimates the Airstream trailer would fetch about $ 250,000 at auction. The amount seems very far from a 30-year-old Airstream trailer. The rich Legacy associated with this trailer has its value. He has great Hollywood connections.

Hanks ordered this Model 34 trailer for use in feature films. The trailer left the manufacturer empty. Hanks customized the interior to his liking. Inside there is plenty of wood and natural fabric.

The back of the truck comes with a bedroom. There is also a bathroom, a kitchen with a dining table, a living room with an adjustable sofa and a gas heater. It also gets two air-conditioned units mounted on the roof.


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