Tom Hiddleston’s wickedness is coming to an end but wait, season 2 may come and fans will go to the bananas

Tom Hiddleston Starrer’s fans are going for bananas in Season 2 (Pic Credit: IMDb)

Almost a month ago, Disney + released the first episode of Marvel Studio’s Loki show and for the next five weeks fans were waiting for a break for each episode. Now, the session that explored the adventures of the God of Wickedness has ended its 1st season and that’s how Twitter users have reacted.

MCU’s Lok broke the record for The Falcon And The Winter Soldier in its biggest original Disney + premiere. According to reports, the first episode of the protagonist Tom Hiddleston recorded more than 731 million minutes in the first week.

Now viewers of the show, who have watched the Last Episode of Loki, have gathered on Twitter to express their disappointment that Season 1 is over. However, they are now eagerly awaiting the second season.

Here are some Loki reaction tweets:

In the final episode aired today, it has been revealed that Tom Hiddleston’s Loki will return in Season 2 again. In the interview, Nate Moore, executive producer of the session, also spoke about the new season and told Indie Wire, “What comes to mind – and that’s probably no secret. I think there are a lot of Lokin storytelling, very irresponsible, clear and enjoyable, but seasonal Tom Hiddleston, in my opinion, is doing his best work on this show, which is really amazing, I think about the great things he has done, but this show will show the different sides and the real scope of his range. I think the show will surprise a lot of people. ”

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