Twinkle’s emotional note is the anniversary of Rajesh Khanna’s death

Twinkle Khanna Remembers Father Rajesh Khanna on 9th Anniversary of Death (Pic Credit: Instagram / twinklerkhanna, Movie Still)

Twinkle Khanna went on social media on Sunday to remember her father, Bollywood star Rajesh Khanna, on the 9th anniversary of her death.

Twinkle threw back a video of the dead actor on Instagram, where they can be seen filming a scene from the film and giving a conversation between the films.

Sharing the video, Twinkle wrote: “I have his eyes, his son has his smile and the world has his heart embedded in him. He still lives …”

Rajesh Khanna died in Mumbai on July 18, 2012.

Meanwhile, the hashtag #RajeshKhanna was a trend on Twitter as fans remembered the superstar they remembered and discussed her films.

“Remembering #RajeshKhanna Ji late is the 9th anniversary of his death. Bollywood’s 1st and original superstar. Legend. Anand Mara Wants, Anand Wants Mars,” a user tweeted from Queshing Rajesh Khanna’s 1971 iconic film “Anand.”

Referring to another well-known interview in the same film, another user shared the following: “#RajeshKhanna is very famous for remembering the star on the anniversary of her death for the meteorism that became famous, the flattery she achieved will forever fascinate her fans and future generations. Interview” Zindagi Badi Honi chahiye, Lambi Nahi is “fully applicable in his real life.”

Twinkle Khanna shared a trademark on Saturday to see the latest book she is reading.

Twinkle published a photo called “The Robot Complete” with Isaac Asimov’s classic science fiction story collection. In the picture, she is wearing a color-coordinated n-dress with the cover of the book.

“You don’t have to be a guy to love speculative fiction. You don’t even have to tie the t-shirt to your book. If you enjoy the latter, make sure the proof of the former is undeniable. Leave a comment if you are a member of this particular club. #NerdyBookClub #Asimov #thethreelawsofrobotics, ”Twinkle wrote along with the image on his Instagram page.

The only constant posted on social media in his books is Twinkle’s Spice Candle.

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