Uber’s $ 59 million assault data fine has dropped to $ 150,000

Uber’s $ 59 million assault data fine has dropped to $ 150,000

A Monster fine paid by a California regulator to Uber Technologies Inc. will not be so great as to test the facts of sexual assault after all.

After discussing how to better protect the identities of victims of sexual assault and whether a large fine was justified, Uber and the California Public Services Commission or CPUC reached an agreement. Uber will not pay the $ 59 million fine it charged last year, nor will it disclose details that would identify 3,000 people who were sexually assaulted on its platform in 2018, as explained in the 2019 company security report. The CPUC initially asked the company to provide victim contact information to the commission, and imposed a fine on Uberri for not releasing their names.

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Now, Uber will pay a $ 150,000 fine to the CPUC, put $ 5 million on the California Victims Compensation Commission, and put $ 4 million to create industry-wide safety standards and education, according to a report released by the CPUC on Thursday. In the future reports on Survivors, and future attacks on its platform, victims and Witnesses will be allowed to contact the CPUC, according to the agreement.

Although the agreement is between Ubera and the CPUC, once submitted, CPUC’s data requests in the future will apply to all transportation network companies operating in the state. That means Uber’s Rival Lyft Inc. that the lesser will be asked for the same information in the future. Lyft also promised to release its security study, but has not yet published it.

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Lyft and the CPUC did not immediately return requests for comment.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the Commission to clarify this societal issue and help set standards for security and transparency in our industry,” Uber lawmaker Tony West said in a statement. The agreement between Uber and CPUC – which was reached at the time of the arbitration with the help of the national network of rape, abuse and incest – has yet to be approved by an administrative law judge and CPUC management.

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