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V Revathi, 23, who collects a train ticket for the Madurai rural area, is one of the winners of the medals at the Tokyo Olympics in India in the 4×400 mixed relay. He did 53:55 seconds at the Patiala camp. “I took part in the Asian Games and placed 4th. I also took part in the World Championships. Later, I injured my knee and had difficulty healing. Many coaches also helped me. My grandmother also helped me, she didn’t stop me.” , Revathi told NDTV.

Revathi lost her parents at a young age and her grandmother grew up in a humble house in Madurai. The young sprinter was running barefoot because he couldn’t afford the shoes.

Then coach Kannnan saw his talent and literally took over Revathi’s family. After that, he set records at the university and won three medals at national events.

In the 2019 Asian Games in Doha, he finished 4th, losing the medal to the bigots.

“After I lost my parents when I saw her under the care of her grandmother in a small town, I thought such people would have Talent and good health. I decided to train only people from humble backgrounds. Listen to us and train,” Kannan said.

Revathi’s grandmother Arammal is very happy with the coach, saying that she is confident and motivated to feed her good grandson.

“Laurels should be brought to India, the people here and the whole country. They should come back giving the coach fame,” he said.

Tamil Nadu includes five athletes, all of humble origins, including the Subha Venkatesan and Dhanalakshmi Sekar 4×400 men’s mixed relay, and Arokiya Rajiv and Naganathan Pondy for the 4×400 men’s relay.

Subha is the daughter of a construction worker in Trichy and has shown her passion at national and international events. He also hopes to win medals and get a job.


“I’ve won 20 national medals, I’ve taken part in eight international events and I’ve won eight. I try hard, but I haven’t got a job. It would be nice if the government allowed me a job. I’d give my best at the Olympics,” Subha said.

The Tamil Nadu government has donated 5 lakhs to each of the 11 athletes selected to travel to Tokyo.

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