Varun Dhawan condemns violence against doctors: ‘You can’t attack, it’s wrong’

Varun Dhawan condemns violence against doctors: ‘You can’t attack, it’s wrong’

Actor Varun Dhawan has fallen sharply after reporting incidents of medical harassment and violence in some parts of the country.

The October actor recently took to Instagram to talk to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Manan Vora.

As quoted by News18, Dhawan said on Instagram Live: “It’s a very serious problem and we really need to raise awareness about this issue. The second wave has not been easy for anyone, I have had at least seven relatives at this stage to get Covid-19 and it’s very stressful for the family. So I understand when it happens, but it’s not right for the doctors, the people who treat you, the ones who are healing day and night, to go through that. “

Dhawan added that he does not think the doctors are reacting too much. He said it was “unfortunate” that this conversation would happen. “They (the doctors) come across infected patients and not their family. They are working non-stop while wearing PPEs and we attack them if we lose a loved one. It’s wrong. People need to understand that it’s not their fault, this disease is new yet, people understand. But you can’t persecute the Doctor, you can’t attack the Doctor, you can’t do that. “

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In front of the work, Varun Dhawan Coolie No. 1, a remake of the 1995 film of the same name directed by David Dhawan’s father.

He also has Raj Mehta’s Jug Jugg Jeeyo romantic film and Amar Kaushik Bhediya Horror Comedy in his kitten. The films do not yet have a release date.


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