Vicky Kaushal shows off her painting skills with the latest creation from Lord Ganesha

Vicky Kaushal shares a painting by Lord Ganesha (Pic Credit: Instagram / vickykaushal09)

Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal went on social media on Sunday to show off her hidden talent. The actor, who enjoys painting as a hobby, shared a photo of his latest creation, a painting by Lord Ganesha.

Vicky posted a photo on Instagram where she can be seen posing for the camera holding her painting with both hands. Ganesha is painted in the shade of a bright red sign, with an acrylic color, on a dark green background.

Even though Vicky didn’t write in her post that she did the painting herself, she thought so using the emojis of an artist who had a brush and a color palette.

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