Vikas Gupta gave a positive Covid, isolated at home

Vikas Gupta gave a positive Covid, isolated at home

Vikas Gupta gave a positive Covid, isolated at home

Bigg Boss’s reputation was tested positively by Vikas Gupta on coronavirus. She went to her social media to let her fans know about it and revealed that she is in the home quarantine. He has also asked those who have contacted him in recent days to take the test. The note read: “Being positive is not always good and in this case absolutely not. I have given Covid a positive. I would ask anyone who may have been in contact with me in the last few days to test themselves.

He added, “I’ve been really careful, but there may have been a child. It’s been a positive for Covid. If any of you contact me please be careful of the symptoms and get tested. I hope you need it, but if you need help or information, leave a message and I’ll do everything I can. Be safe. “

Vikas Gupta’s famous friends send her wishes and love through her Instagram post. Gauahar Khan wrote, “Heal as soon as possible.” Jaan Kumar Sanu commented, “See you soon Vikas Bhai.” Sayantani Ghosh wrote, “Please get well soon.”

In a related note, Vikas Gupta starred in the film Bigg Boss 14 earlier this year and made numerous moving appearances about his personal life. Vikas revealed that he had debts of about 1.8 million rupees. In one of the passages he said, “Imagine the things I’ve experienced. My parents have made it clear that we can’t have a claim on Vikas’ property if we go against it in the media. I’m sorry to say this, and God forbid, but normal children don’t go before their parents.”

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Vikas revealed why he didn’t pay his mother’s medical expenses and asked her to leave the house. “When I had to sell my house at this point and called my mother to talk about it, she told me,‘ I’m busy, on a trip, I’ll talk to you 10 days later. ’Then I told them,‘ I’m broken and I can’t afford the cost of treatment. assume. I asked Dehradun to sell our house, and give him some of the money instead of using it for his treatment. I had no other choice. I had a loan of 1.8 million euros. ”


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