Virat Kohli is successful because he never strays from his process.  Rashid Khan |  Cricket News

Virat Kohli is successful because he never strays from his process. Rashid Khan | Cricket News

Afghan spinner Rashid Khan believes that the reason Virat Kohli has been successful is that Indian Skipper never strays from his process, regardless of the quality of delivery thrown in. As far as the leg is concerned, Kohli’s strong suit is that he believes in his battle skills and is not forced to make confident shots with confidence, respecting good balls properly. “If there is another batel, he will receive pressure if he gets it right. He will play a shot that is not his strength like a sweep, a slog sweep or any other blow,” Rashid said on Youtube. ‘Cricast’

“[But] Virat will continue his process. It goes with the head. He has his own style and he goes with it. It doesn’t do anything different. That’s why I think it’s so successful. He has the process.

“He will respect good balls. He will punish loose balls. He has great faith in himself. Some drummers don’t believe him. That’s why they fight. He believes in his strength,” Rashid added.

Rashid, the Indian Premier League Sunrisers Vital attacker who is on the attack at Hyderabad Bowling, is eager to play under the guidance of former Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

“I have a dream that I play with MS Dhoni. Because the experience of playing with him is very important. For the bowler, the role of the goalkeeper is very important and I don’t think he is better than anyone to explain things to him,” Rashid said.

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Rashid also recalled the advice recently given to him by a veteran bricklayer. “After our matches, the discussions I had with him helped me,” Rashid said.

“He told me last time, ‘You have to be careful while fielding, you slip, you throw the ball when it’s not needed, you’re aggressive. Because there’s only one rashid and people want to see you more, what’s going to hurt you? Remember, I say the same thing (Ravindra) Jadejari “.

Rashid is also fearful of joining the white-capped Indian captain Rohit Sharma and always having an extra second.

“I agree that he has more time. He’s got a lot of time. I’ve seen very few players with a lot of time. It’s natural for some players to have more time,” Rashid said of Rohit.


“Even though the shooting mode is 145 plus or 150 km / h, the way he hits it, it looks like the ball is 125 or 130 km / h. He had a great time. He doesn’t make too many powerful shots. His time.”

Rashid, who was now a member of the now-suspended IPL, is forming his Quarantine ahead of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), starting on Wednesday.

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