Vive Oberoi says Bollywood needs to accept that something is systematically wrong

Vive Oberoi says Bollywood needs to accept that something is systematically wrong

Vive Oberoi has called Bollywood for not acknowledging its mistakes as an industry. The actor said the Hindi film industry has shown “ostrich syndrome” and has been unable to acknowledge that something is “systematically wrong” in 2020 even after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput’s Tragedy.

“We have our good side, but we refuse to acknowledge our bad side. For any person, industry or fraternity to flourish, it is necessary to know ke hum mein kitni khamiyan so, our mistakes and the wrongs of the industry. But we have a little ostrich syndrome. Because we don’t recognize that the Hamari industry is me Kuch gadbad hai, ”Vive told the Oberoi Hindustan Times.

Referring to the death of the SSR, the actor said: “Last year, there was a great tragedy in our industry. Then no one really and truly wanted to admit that there is something wrong systematically (in the industry), and ke wanted to write twenty incidents.”

His comments have been accepted by self-designed film critics Kamaal R Khan. KRK wrote: “Bhai @vivekoberoi your conversation is a great and pure truth. Keep it up.”

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Salman Khan had previously filed a dismissal lawsuit against KRK for his harmful notices. On Monday, the actor also asked to file a Contempt against him.

KRK recently took part in this issue of Govinda thanking him on Twitter for his “love and support,” then turned around and said he wasn’t referring to the film actor. His instructions Govinda said he had not even spoken to KRK and had no idea about the case with Salman.

On Monday, Salman filed a petition in Mumbai court, demanding that he demand contempt against actor Kamaal R Khan for continuing to go unnoticed for failing to do so. The petition was filed in a Defamation lawsuit filed by Salman in an attempt to prevent Kamaal R Khan from directly or indirectly engaging in the making and uploading of videos or any other content to his business Ventures and Film / Projects.

Earlier, actor Deshdrohi posted several tweets saying that Salman Khan filed his Defamation case because Radhe gave him a bad review of his latest film.


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