Watch: The car comes flying from a nearby walkway, driven by a driver on a U.S. highway

In a horrific road accident caught in a sedan’s camera truck, a car overtook the plane and landed before it was too late while traveling on a U.S. highway. The incident was as dramatic as a script for the Hollywood scene, which caused a lot of screaming in the background.

The vehicle that was flying over the walkway is in the air for a while, about 80 meters, before entering the road below. He takes a few turns on the road before resting. The air vehicle has a layer of smoke around it, which becomes even denser when the vehicle falls to the ground. It appears that the front of the vehicle has taken the most damage as the front lace is released from the hood.

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When the dense smoky layer is cleaned and the crashed car is clearly visible, the film shows it lying on the roof while the separate part of the front fascia is in the distance. The belly of the car can still be seen emitting smoke.

Meanwhile, the dashcam also recorded passenger audio inside the sedan that stopped on the highway after the other car entered its path. Their screams show that they are quite impressed with what they have seen. One of the women can be heard consoling the other. The three passengers, including a male member, decide to call the ‘911’ helpline and recount the incident. The woman can be heard saying, “A car fell off the highway.”

Later, some Witnesses may run into the crashed vehicle and search for passengers inside. Apparently, the woman who managed to survive the accident was behind the wheels, CarScoops reported. However, it is not clear what the intensity of the injuries suffered was.


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