Watch: To test your faith in God, the driver is speeding;  he has fallen in multiple cars

Watch: To test your faith in God, the driver is speeding; he has fallen in multiple cars

The video has appeared on the Internet, showing that a driver is driving at a speed of over 160 km / h. The car collapsed with many other cars, the utility pole and the house. Reports say the driver was a woman and the incident happened in Ohio.

Many may say that the reason for driving at such a fast pace is strange.


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The female driver said she wanted to “test her faith in God,” so she took that step. The incident took place in Beachwood, Ohio, USA. Traffic cameras fired at a Ford Taurus while removing the nose of a car as it crossed a crossroads before crashing into the next car. This deliberate but dangerous movement of the driver did not go down well with the officials.

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He admitted in a police report that he deliberately left the vehicle for God to take charge of the wheel. He also said he had a hard time after his recent release from work. The woman’s 11-year-old daughter was also with him when this incident occurred.

Many criticized the woman’s driver through the video and shared similar incidents that occurred in many places. One commented that the driver let Jesus take the wheel while the devil pedaled. One said that the people on the way were lucky to survive and asked what the outcome of this experiment was. There have been several reports in various places before that people often go to test their faith in God.


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