Weak but happy Kirron Kher thanks the fans as shown in Sikander Kher’s video

Weak but happy Kirron Kher thanks the fans as shown in Sikander Kher’s video

Sikander Kher, Kirron Kher

In early April, the Kher family shared with veteran actor Kirron Kher that she has multiple myeloma, a cancer of plasma cells. The actor is receiving treatment and is on his way to healing. After making a diagnosis while the actor downplayed his public appearances, he made a brief appearance on Instagram LIVE with his son, actor Sikander Kher. The father, veteran actor Anupam Kher, also greets his followers in a LIVE session.

When Instagram starts live, Sikander informs her that she is sitting with her parents and that she sees Mrs. Kher’s feet. In this one, Kirron makes a fun jig. While he could not see her face, he was heard greeting with a cheerful hello. Sikander thanked the fans and those who wanted to, and told them it was getting better. He said, “Thank you for your love, now you have seen your feet. Thank you for constantly asking about him, he should listen, because I’m not there all day when you ask, and he’s here. Thank you, it goes much better. “

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Later, Kirron asked Sikander to show his face in the video. The actress looks weak but happy, carrying her arm. The fans greeted him with a wide smile and said, “Thank you all for your good wishes and love, thank you so much.”

“KherSaab and Kirron Ma’am. This is short and sweet. Goodbye from the family, from me too. Thank you all for the love you sent my mother,” he says in the video.

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