Were Raj Kundra earning films for each of the 5 lakh films?  Jaw-Droping Details Inside!

Were Raj Kundra earning films for each of the 5 lakh films? Jaw-Droping Details Inside!

Did Raj Kundra and his team win about 5 Lakhs per film? (Pic Credit: Instagram / rajkundra9)

Shilpa Shetty’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra were arrested on Monday by the Mumbai Crime Branch in an alleged p * rn production case. He was allegedly the main conspirator in the 11 arrests made by the police in the case. Now the latest report reveals what the accused has earned for each film.

It is reported that Kundra allegedly attracted women to act in pornographic films with promises of roles in web series. Interestingly, his relative Pradeep Bakshi, who lives in the UK, is also involved in the scandal. He also runs a company called Kenrin Production House.

According to The Times Of India, Raj Kundra and his team have earned an average of 5 lakhs for each film released in mobile apps, including Hotshots. Police have frozen 7.5 million in various accounts related to the employer.

Mumbai Joint Police Commissioner Milind Bharambe (Crime) revealed at a press conference that the free app to download has been removed from Apple and Google Playstore because of its content type. Raj Kundra has been arrested in sections 420 (fraud), 34 (common intent), 292 and 293 of the IPC (related to obscene and nonsensical advertisements and screens).

Controversial model and actress Gehana Vasisth said she has shot and uploaded as many as 87 videos on her website about the scandal. He was arrested in February of this year in the same case. He told the publication: “I have a small request to everyone to compare thick and erotic cinema with p * rn. Raj Kundra and I have been arrested for the same case, we have the same investigation underway. I know what was done under the Kundra company. I have worked as a heroine in 3 films produced for the application of Raj Kundra. He never forced me to do anything, they paid me according to the work I did and deserved. “

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Gehana added: “I had no problems with the work or the payment I received. I had no problems with the content, and I had no bad experience working on the set. These films were released very well and neither of them were films. Those who doubt Google they can use the search and search for these movies and my other works. None of them can be classified as p * rn. “

Actor Gandii Baat spent a lot of time in prison after being arrested earlier this year. Speaking the same, Gehana Vasisth said: “I have spent five precious months in prison for a crime I never committed. My accounts have been frozen, my mobile and laptop have been confiscated. My life has become hell. Not since the day I was taken out of custody. I have enough money to spend. Not only that, I also suffered a heart attack and stayed in the hospital for 10-12 days. In prison, I couldn’t breathe because of the kind of torture I endured and the environment and people I had to endure there. I didn’t deserve that. “

Black Line: Raj Kundra had a plan to back him up when he was caught by police when he revealed alleged chat leaks.

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