When Emraan Hashmi called it a product of nepotism: “I got a break because of it.”

When Emraan Hashmi called it a product of nepotism: “I got a break because of it.”

Emraan Hashmi is associated with Mahesh Bhatt; Veteran Filmmaker Is His Uncle (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Trust that Emraan Hashmi will be the most vague and Brutal when it comes to speaking from his heart. The star Jannat, who has never been known for diminishing his words during his career, has given many moving statements and given enough food on the Internet to keep him afloat. One of his boldest and most shameless assertions was when he decided to talk about Nepotism and called himself a product.

Emraan entered the world of cinema as assistant director to Raaz in the early 2000s. The actor made his acting debut in 2003 with Footpath and received accolades. It was soon understood that the actor was linked to filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. The veteran director is Hashmi’s uncle. In an interview in 2017, Emraan admitted to having connections and described himself as a product of nepotism. Continue reading Tiger 3 to find out exactly what the star had to say.

In his interview with Hindustan Time, Emraan Hashmi no doubt admitted to having an “inner connection” and how he was given his first film The Walking Path. “Yes, nepotism exists in our industry, and that’s why I got a break. If my uncle [Mahesh Bhatt], the producer and director who wasn’t there, I wasn’t going to be an actor, ”he said.

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But the actor also said he didn’t want to start acting as a career. Emraan Hashmi said: “My case was different. I didn’t have to die to be an actor or a member of this industry. My college was over, and I went to the movies. “

They said people will have a tendency towards their family no matter what. “I wouldn’t push Ayaan’s seven-year-old son to Bollywood. If he wants to become an actor tomorrow, it will be much easier for him because his father is an actor and producer, ”said Emraan Hashmi.

He added, “The industry will try to get my son into a picture that his father had and try to completely remove his individuality. They won’t let him start again, like an outsider.”

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