Will Ola Electric strengthen the Indian EV movement like Tesla worldwide?

Will Ola Electric strengthen the Indian EV movement like Tesla worldwide?

Ola Electric may be considered a pioneer of the Indian electric vehicle movement and, at first glance, comparisons with the world leader Tesla EV seem quite a long way off. However, there is no denying that last week roughly Ola Electric created a huge uproar around its next electric scooter. Already ready for Ola Electric’s official launch, it received a request from the lake 24 hours after it opened its electric scooter reservation window.

Rivals are sitting and taking notes. The rise of Tesla continues as its competitors have managed to keep up, as several companies manufacturing Indian electric scooters have started announcing a range of initiatives and investments in recent days. Is it a wave effect?

Many believe why the “invitations” for the first products made by Ola Electric have been as successful as they have been To book a 499 unit. Even if it’s less than the cost of a medium-sized pizza, it can be refunded. It went back less than two years ago when Tesla showed off its Cybertruck and opened the reservation windows. EV Giant started taking deposits of approximately $ 100 At the current exchange rate of 7,400) for an electric vehicle capable of picking up the performance of a sports vehicle. Reservations do not always return to sales but it remains a strong signal.

Olak is backing his electric scooter with class-leading acceleration, the largest storage space, the highest high-speed, among others.

Ola is also thinking about the price of an electric scooter 80,000 and 1 laku. If the launch is true, it may be one of the cheapest electric scooter options in the country. And availability is key, as seen with the success of the Model 3 (Tesla’s cheapest EV).

There are also reports that Ola can follow the direct-to-home sales system and cannot rely on a dedicated dealer network. While HT Auto cannot confirm this, it is true that Tesla may not have a private network for its business and may be the owner of supply and delivery chains. Tesla also helps CEO Elon Musk have been a huge follower on social media. Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal is also using his Twitter account to share photos and videos of his company’s product.

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Then there is the big question about scalability. The mega facility that Olak is building in Tamil Nadu is almost ready to expand by two million units every year. The number will be 10 million years in the coming years. FutureFactory will also serve as a basis for export to foreign markets.

Tesla’s Gigafactory units around the world are known for being Massive, both in terms of area and capacity. Its main facility in California has the capacity to carry half a million EVs each year. The Shanghai facility is also designed to expand a similar capacity. Tesla delivered 201,250 vehicles in the first quarter of the year, a record, and now wants to increase even more. Scalability is therefore a massive point of pride, especially when it comes to the world of electric vehicles.

So while it may seem strange to compare Ola Electric to Tesla, the point is that ambitions and business models and scales can only be ignored. Will Ola Electric be the giant space for electric scooters in India as Tesla is in the world of electric cars? Inventions are fine, but strong judgments can be premature.


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