With a leather jacket, Elon Musk shows off the fastest Tesla ever

With a leather jacket, Elon Musk shows off the fastest Tesla ever

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made quite a statement, but even the crooked businessman, with all his supposed charm and wearing a leather jacket and black jeans, couldn’t steal the Limelight S model from Plaid, the fastest car Tesla has ever made. Not that Musk was trying anyway.

The Tesla Model S Plaid made its long-awaited debut in the United States in an event that followed it closely from all over the world. While supporting the high-performance capabilities of the Model S Plaid, Musk also chose to focus on the role that the Model S Plaid will play in Tesla’s product portfolio. “Why quickly become this crazy car?” he asked. “It’s something that’s pretty important for the future of sustainable energy. We need to show that the electric car is the best car at hand.”

The S Model Plaid can hit 100 kmph in 1.99 seconds and has a range of about 625 kilometers. With 1,060 hp of tremendous power, the challenge is now overwhelming for those in charge of sports circuits that are offering electric options. “This (model S box) is what I call the frontier engineering of physics,” Musk said at the ceremony.

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The Model S Plaid received a significant price increase a day before its official premiere and starts at $ 129,990 in the US. Musk says it is safer than Volvo cars and faster than a Porsche. Interestingly, the EV is also packed to the brim with features that are not available in any other passenger vehicle in the world. Take the 17-inch Infotainment main screen. Or a rear screen that supports wireless controllers for car games. Or even 22 speakers, 960-watt audio systems – the Model S Plaid will be pushing boundaries that even rivals didn’t know.

Some of the hardest fans of high-performance vehicles clearly mocked the idea of ​​batteries to replace thunderous engines under the hood, the Tesla Model S Plaid could now silence doubts, if not all.


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