WTC Finals: India Have Fantastic Bowling Attack, Goes To Draw With Virat Kohli “Very Nice”, Kane Williamson Says |  Cricket News

WTC Finals: India Have Fantastic Bowling Attack, Goes To Draw With Virat Kohli “Very Nice”, Kane Williamson Says | Cricket News

New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson believes it would be “quite nice” for Virat Kohli to draw with his Indian counterpart in the final of the ICC World Test Championships which start on June 18 in Southampton. Kohlik and Williamson, under their leadership, are looking for this elusive silverware from the ICC and the New Zealand skipper knows that it will not be easy to oppose the “rapid Indian bowling attack of the world”. “… we’ve played against each other at different levels and competitions and we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well. So we’ll have a pretty good time walking there, drawing lots and having a bit of a relationship in the first test tournament. -After 19 days when he was asked about his match with the Indian captain.

Williamson said he is well aware of the depth of Indian Bowling and the newly won Australian historical series. “Yes, they had a wonderful attack. Bright, of course, a great side. We also saw the depth, and we also saw that in Australia,” they said.

“A lot of strength in the bowling and spinning department fast. So yes, a great side, ranked in the top positions, fair enough and taking the best opportunity for us to take the best in the end.” The Zealand skipper said.

Something Williamson remembers is playing Dukes ball in another set that would make a rain forecast. The Southampton pitch is expected to have less grass cover in the days leading up to the final.

“Cut it a little, you might give it a go! I don’t know the team yet, let’s see what the conditions are. What we’ve seen so far it rains a lot every day. .

New Zealand’s main concern in India will be to choose a seventh or eighth and the pattern says all the cards are on the table. “Yes, I suppose we have to evaluate the conditions and make those decisions. That’s obviously what we try and do when we get to another place and work on what suits us,” he said.

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The elegant pelota player said that the defeat of the last troubled ODI World Cup with England was of no importance to him to reach the WTC final. “Well, I don’t think it’s definitely not something that the guys have talked about. I’m assuming they have a different side with a different format as well,” he explained.

“The game you mentioned was very memorable and obviously had a lot of controversy and everything, and people liked watching it at the end of the day. Luckily it’s a great show, and we get a lot of people, and it’s a really good game!”

Williamson also mentioned that specialist bouncer Neil Wagner will play a role against India as an executive. “Something that has been very successful internationally has been the ability to make long runs and keep up the pressure for a long time,” Williamson said of Wagner.

“He’s a great part of us and he’s a great character in our team. It’s always good to be there.”


The weak skipper did not forget that the success of New Zealand has a lot to do with the set-up that was created when Brendon McCullum was captain and Mike Hesson was head coach.

“Obviously, Baz and Mike Hesson took charge and gave the team a tremendous direction to create a much improved environment,” he said.

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