XPeng has introduced the X2 electric car with a 35-minute flight

XPeng has introduced the X2 electric car with a 35-minute flight

Joining the list of companies trying to make Feng cars more affordable, Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer XPeng has unveiled its X2 Flying electric car. He Xiaopeng, president and CEO of the company, shared images of the fifth-generation Flying electric car on the Weibo China microblogging website.

The 1.5-minute video shared by Xiaopeng on Weibon shows the X2 action. He wrote: “This brings us one step closer to the Flying cars that are widely and safely used.” In the video, the X2 can be seen operating remotely without any human passengers. The flying car can be seen taking off, flying a distance and then landing safely on the ground.

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It weighs 360kg and weighs up to 560kg. CnEVPost reports that it has a range of 35 minutes and can fly at speeds of up to 130 km / h. The X2 comes equipped with the ability to organize an autonomous flight route. It can monitor the ground using multiple sensors and self-help returns to the ground. In addition, the feature list has more than 100 km of real-time two-way communication.

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The Flying car has a safety design on board for such a redundant supply of eight independent battery groups, as well as four axles and eight propellers to protect the multi-motor power. It also gets a parachute ejection and a 24-hour control system.

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XPeng introduced the fourth-generation Flying electric car – Voyager X1, at the Shanghai Auto Show in April this year. Since then, the X1 has flown more than 10,000 test flights and is expected to begin testing in China by the end of the year, Electrek reported. Now, the company has unveiled its latest Flying electric car – the X2.

As several companies are working on Flying cars and building innovative prototypes for test flights, Fantasy of Flying cars is getting closer to reality each year.


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