You can find Tesla in an upgraded PUBG Mobile video game

Giant Tesla and PUBG Mobile electric vehicles have teamed up to integrate EV manufacturer’s products into the popular video game. PUBG Mobile recently released an update 1.5 and announced a partnership with EV Maker emphasizing that Tesla products have come into play.

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The updated PUBG mobile game will feature Tesla Gigafactory, Tesla Model Y EV and its autonomous driving function and Tesla Semi self-driving vehicles. Players can enter the Tesla factory on the map and activate all factory assembly switches to build the Tesla Model Y vehicle. The autopilot of the electric car can be activated on the highways, automatically moving the player to the pre-set mark location on the highway.

Tesla Semi self-driving vehicles will appear randomly on wild roads and automatically drive on specific routes. Players can obtain battle supplies by causing damage from the Semi and throwing supply boxes.

Tesla has been leading video games in electric vehicles for a number of years. EV Maker has also been busy building a Tesla Arcade video game platform inside its vehicles, and has been working with video game studios to make it easier for EV owners to have a leisure dose. Tesla chief Elon Musk has reported that entertainment will play an important role when driving cars.

But now the tables have been turned. Tesla itself is a part of video games. However, Tesla previously had a similar integration with the Peace Game – the Chinese version of the PUBG Mobile game. Interestingly, Tencent Games, which owns PUBG, is also a major shareholder in Tesla.


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