“You have full experience Ladki Hai …”

KRK accuses Saloniyaapa of copying CarryMinati (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Kamaal R Khan can give his opinions on literally anything. He had recently been following Salman Khan since the superstar filed a Defamation lawsuit. KRK has set its ultimate goal in Youtuber CarryMinati and Saloniyaapa. Read on for more details.

It is often seen that Kamaal plays under the belt, but with Saloni Singh he has probably crossed all possible lines. Witnesses have released a video that tells the story of a female YouTuber copying Ajey Nagar and creating an offensive video trend.

In its video, KRK says Saloniyaapa copied everything from CarryMinati. When he throws abuse from the initial statement of the videos to his body language.

Things were still going well, with KRK citing Saloniyaapa as a male audience until he said he was the only one in every other video. Not only that, Kamaal R Khan claimed that beauty has “experience” in having sex.

Kamaal R Khan was heard in his video saying, “Jab ek ladki s * x, g ****, l *** ki Baat karegi toh logo ko toh Maza ayega, log toh wahi dekhenge. Toh Zahir si Baat hai iski video logo ne millions me dekhna shuru kar dia. Iske subscribers bhi million me hai bhaisahab “.

“Jo iske videos wale hai, believe ye Bich Bich we lalach deti rehti hai. Har video me ye valid rehti hai ki ‘yaar mai toh single hu, mera koi boyfriend nahi hai, mujhe kab milega. Taaki jo lukhe Isko dekhte hai unko lalsa rahe ki ek na ek din toh phas hi jayegi. Hala ki haqiqat ye hai ki ye full experience ladki hai “, was heard saying KRK.

Watch the full video below:

What do you think of Kamaal R Khan’s latest cheap statements? Share with us in the comments section below.

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